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Who lil wayne dating right now

Backing up his statement in a GQ interview, he hinted a new project was almost ready to be released to fans. "Last year was businesses and developing all our new artists.Playboi Carti went platinum [...] A$AP Ferg mixtape came out—he always got number ones and bangers [...] "My new album is really about testing new sounds. "So they go with what's current 'cause it's the easy thing to do. People cater more to that because it's a bigger demographic behind that, or it's a guaranteed demographic behind that.He would make sure, no matter how busy he was, that I was well taken care of. I felt connected, and the friendship blossomed and continued from there. So, the way I love my son is not the way I love Wayne. We're just people who have known each other for a long time. Florence: So basically, you don't deal with jealousy at all? Whatever the issues are or were, if there were women in his life that have felt or do feel some kind of way because of whatever relationship we may have had in the past, I've never seen all of that. Florence: What has your relationship with Lil' Wayne taught you about love? If you are a bad person to me, you're a bad person.There is still this chivalrous man in there who wants to make sure that you're taken care of. Florence: Do you believe you will be with him exclusively in the future? The way I love Wayne is not the way I love my father. KS: Wayne was the first person, other than my son, who I loved unconditionally. I don't care if you're my mother, father, sister, I will cut you off and not talk to you. Everyone should be that way and not define themselves. Florence: You're a best-selling author who has lived a painful, yet empowering journey.

At a recent show, A$AP let fans know that "Flacko Jodye season is approaching," where the crowd responded with nothing but cheers.

Resilient, spiritually conscious, and courageous, Karrine is cleverly reinventing women's roles all while teaching them juicy secrets about the art of seduction, oral and anal sex, love, relationships and so much more.

Although the media continues to vilify her and put her in a box, there are always two sides to a story and Karrine is finally ready to tell hers.

Emerging from the dark shadows of her tragic past, Karrine is ready to set fire to her old reputation and give birth to her true identity.

Her scorching-hot memoir, set for release on June 2, Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later, is slated to become another bestseller and is the final story of Karrine's secret life experiences that she has kept hidden from the world until now.

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I am only attracted to powerful men because I am a very powerful woman. I think when people hear the word love, they only think about romantic love.

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